Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Date Night: Sushi Making

I think this was our first date night. We went to the Balboa Wine and Cooking School at the Prado Restaurant and took a 3 hour sushi class. It wasn't as hands on as we thought it would be, but we still learned some valuable stuff. Sadly, these pictures aren't in any order. I haven't figured out how to make them go in order. The first picture is the last and the last picture is the first.

This is outside the restaurant in the Balboa museum area after the class.

This is Neil finishing up his California Roll (rice, seaweed, avocado, imitation crab)

This is one of the finished rolls with cucumber and burdock root (we would use carrot). THis time the seaweed is on the outside. (vegetarian roll)

vegetarian roll, I had ate 2 before taking the picture.

View of the bar and our teacher

Neils' mojito, water and teacher

Picture from outside our apartment. Have to say, I was looking pretty good :)

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LacyHolly said...

You were looking adorable in that picture! :)

It looks like you guys had a good night! Duluth has a sushi place now that I'm obsessed with! Granted, there is only a few rolls for me to eat there, but I still love it!

Next time you're in Duluth you should check it out...its called Hanabi.