Friday, May 23, 2014

Current Kitchen Loves

As we've pared down our kitchen, we've started to notice what's truly working for us and what isn't.  Simple things like Neil likes to drink out of pint sized mason jars and I like to use cups that stack so they don't take up much space.  To have a matching set of vintage (but familiar) Corelle dishes that don't weigh as much as our last Goodwill find. Both of us don't miss those at all. Without further ado, here are our current loves:

Butterfly Gold Corelle dishes.
I wasn't sold on this pattern, but I found exactly what I was looking for (4 each of dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups and saucers) on etsy AND then I found out it was LOCAL!  I was able to save $20 on shipping and once I saw them in person I couldn't be more happy with the design.  It doesn't scream feminine and the gold/brown color matches well with our beige and blue/green theme going on in the kitchen.  They also look really nice on our dark wood table. Neil particularly likes the cups and saucers, because they fit under is espresso machine and it has a nice handle.

Le Creuset Braiser in Marsaille
I love the color and I love making food in this! I feel so gourmet when I use it. :)

Ninja food processor/blender
I had a 30% off coupon at Kohl's and was able to get this for about $45.  With three different sized containers, it can easily be used as a mini food processor, or 2 blenders. The motor sits on top of the containers and is interchangeable.  Consumer Reports rates just as a high as a Vitamix!  After making sure it worked the way we needed it too, we've donated both our very old blender (free cycle) and our mini food processor (wedding gift). Neil uses it almost daily to make protein shakes, and I've made a smoothie or two, make hummus and chopped onions.  Very handy!

All Clad 6 Qt. Pasta Pot  
We have a 12 Qt. Pasta Pot that we never use because it takes SO long to heat up the water, but I really liked the quality.  The 12 Qt. has been relegated to the canning process and I use it for jelly making. I got a discount 6 Qt. Teflon pot from TJ Maxx, which was working well, but it was an ugly red and black.  Recently, I started noticing the Teflon was starting to wear, so on the lookout I went for a new pot to save up for.  The 6 Qt. was $99 on Amazon and then just yesterday our local small business kitchen store was having a 20% off the entire store.  While Neil took Arya to the beach, I headed over there, thinking it was probably too good to be true that they would have it as the same price as Amazon.  I walked in, saw the All Clad display and there was a 7 Qt. for $400!!  Just a WAY bit our of my price range.  I walked aimlessly around the store, a little disappointed and then a clerk asked me if I needed help.  I said was looking at 6 or 7 qt. pasta pots, but it was more than I wanted to spend, pointing to the $400 one.  She then pointed me to a display and there it sat!  The amazon one that was $99.  Guess what, it was $99 there too!  and it was 20% off, so I got it!  I used my Christmas gift card, so I ended up spending $16 cash on it.  It's awesome!!

USA Pan, small Jelly Roll pan, silicone covered
We make a lot of chicken nuggets, bacon and garlic bread.  Every time we use our big cookie sheets and every time we add a layer of foil to make clean up easier.  We'd save the foil for the next time, since we used the oven nearly every day, if not multiple times a day, but the cookie sheet is really too big for what we need and the grease from the bacon always got on the sheet, so we had to wash it anyways.  In comes this new pan.  It's about half the size as the cookie sheet and it has a silicone covering on it.  It's hard to explain, it makes the pan a little slippery, for instance the frozen chicken nuggets just slide around the pan.  Well basically, its nonstick and we've used it now for a couple of days and it's still clean, everything just wipes off!  We haven't even had to use water.  It is SUPER handy.

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