Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Life Dilemma! HELP!

I've spent the last few days looking at Project Life scrapbooking. Mostly from a new blog called eliseblaha.typepad.com. As a fan of Shutterfly and their ease of creating albums, I've definitely shied away from scrapbooking because of the inherent messiness and cost.  BUT, it would be fun to tangibly create something every week and to document/journal our lives a bit. AND, if I buy the cheapest set (which you use for the whole year), it would come out to $100.  Over 12 months, that's less than $10 a month.  And, it doesn't seem like it would be too messy. It's a conundrum.  I don't really need it, but it would be fun!

Opinions please!


v.wiest said...

I've looked in to using project life, too, but the digital version but I think I need photoshop for it. Once I get that, I think I'll start going that route.

Bridget said...

I purchased quite a bit of supplies when it was majorly on sale on black Friday, but haven't done anything yet because I struggle printing off my pictures! Each kit has a ton of duplication which I don't like. I can send you some cards if you want...I have midnight, blush, kraft, and honey. Also, you don't have to buy their binders. Any 12 x 12 binder will do.

Amanda said...

I liked the idea of the digital version, but didn't like that I would have to figure out photoshop to use it. Also didn't like that I would have to pay for each design, unlike shutterfly, where I can get a bunch included in the price for free. I usually splurge on 25 cents worth of extra stickers :)