Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arya's Aunties

Arya is blessed with the best Auntie's in the world!!  Each one got to spend some time with her at different times in February and March.

Aunt Vanessa was the first to visit from Feb. 17-20.  She fed, changed, and acted as a bed for Arya all weekend.  I got to catch up on sleep, got to relax and cleaned up a little bit since Arya was more than taken care of. I have to admit though, that I was afraid Arya wouldn't be able to sleep anywhere other than on Vanessa, but thankfully she's been O.K.  Vanessa was supposed to leave the 19th, but her flight got canceled, so she showed up with Neil's dad later in the day.  Here's the funny part: I came out of the bedroom to see Paul (Neil's dad) and he said he brought someone.  I look over and see Vanessa, and I seriously thought I must be dreaming and she isn't really there, I'm just seeing things.  Part exhaustion and Part too many Science Fiction shows, I think.  Vanessa, come back ANYTIME!!  Want to be my nanny?!?

Aunt Bridget was the next to visit from Feb. 29-March 5.  Poor thing got sick right away, so she slept it off at the beginning. I'm pretty sure she started to feel better by the end of the visit.  None of us got sick, so that was nice!  Her visit was awesome because she did a lot of cleaning and made us Baked Chicken Teriyaki and Meatball burger make-ahead meals that we are still enjoying. She even cleaned and disinfected our fridge!  (It's still clean and fairly emtpy).  She also took lots of pictures of Arya.

Lastly, Arya visited Aunt Leta in Las Cruces briefly on March 12th and then for a little longer on March 14th. Arya is always a sweet little girl who doesn't cry much, but man did she let it belt out on her first visit.  We ended up having to go outside and we put her in the sun for a little bit and that calmed her down.  She was just too cold, I think. The second visit went much better. We took Leta out to eat at Si Senor Restaurant and Arya slept through the whole thing. We're glad Leta got to meet her!


v.wiest said...

I would LOVE to be Arya's nanny. You all just need to move to Decorah :)

Linda Oelrich said...

I knew Arya will be loved by her aunts, and some day her aunts will be loved by her!!!!