Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recipe Links

We're getting Gazelle intense to pay off our new debt :(.  We hate debt.  We have three things to pay off.  A TSP loan we used for our down payment, a family loan we used for our down payment and our mortgage.  Ballparking 6 years to pay off if we stay in CA the whole time. I've written it down, so it must be true!  :)

We get takeout A LOT, so needless to say, we've wasted tons of money on food.  This week, we didn't get takeout at all.  It helped that I was sick and home all day, but I also meal planned, grocery shopped (spend $105 for the week) and made some good meals.  All my devices were dead, so I have no pictures, but here are the links.

They are both slow cooker recipes.  It's been super hot here, so that was the only option, other than grilling, which we did one night.  I'll include that recipe too :)

First up was Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki.  I used chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts and it was super yummy!  Definitely a keeper.

Next is Fried Rice.  Neil and I both agreed that this was actually really good, although the picture didn't look good.  One blog post mentioned the fact that the picture wasn't good, but still everyone who makes it loves it.  It uses leftover rice, so next time I'll make a double batch of rice earlier in the week for the Chicken Teriyaki and then keep 2 cups of leftover rice in the fridge for this recipe. This recipe called for chicken, but we had frozen shrimp we used instead and just put them in at the end.  It called for 4 T of butter, I might try 3 T next time and go from there.

The last recipe was Grilled Salmon I.  Just a good staple recipe.

Let me know if you make any of these.  What did you think?

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