Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seven Week Old Arya

 Arya enjoying naked time in her favorite new bib from her Grandma Oelrich

 Happy little smile on Daddy's shoulder

Arya focusing on her mobile

Today, Arya is 7 weeks old!  Today I've been thinking a lot about how little she was when she was born.  I took out her little tub from the hospital and can't believe she used to fit in that!  I put on her little Adidas socks and realize she probably has only a few more days before they aren't going to fit anymore. She smiles and coos usually at nighttime and in the morning and she enjoys her naked time.  She's started to focus in on her mobile and seems somewhat mesmerized by it.  She is still tall and skinny, but she is starting to get some leg rolls and arm rolls.  Soon, I'm sure, she'll be pudgy!

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