Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Blankets

Sorry for the lack of photos, mom will have to take some pictures of the stuff when she gets home.

Back when I was first found out I was pregnant, I started looking for the baby blanket I wanted to knit. This was by far on the top of my list. I found the pattern in a book I had to special order from the library, got the yarn, albeit not the sandy color I was hoping for, but more of the gray color and the needles. Now, if I could just get past the first row. It's too intimidating....

My Google reader just pulled up a past entry from The Purl Bee of a blanket I remember seeing and liking, but forgot about. THIS is now the blanket I am going to be making. I'm thinking a dark green color, something that would look great for a boy (which is what I think it is), but something that won't look awful if it's a girl :) It's called the Forever Baby Blanket, which I hope doesn't mean it takes forever, but the pattern is super easy. Now, I just got to get the yarn.

Mom and I went to the San Diego Quilt Show yesterday and spent way too much money. I got 4 fabric book panels and 2 baby blanket kits. One is a Moda Alphabet Card panel kit and the other is a kit made by Lazy Dazy Cottage. The back is minky black and white zebra stripes (good for baby's eyes, not really my taste) and the front is flannel with lime greens, oranges, blacks and a jungle animal panel in the middle. Mom took both of those home to make for me! :)

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