Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll Burp to That!

I think Arya is getting smarter about eating.  She was spitting up regularly after each feeding, but now she chooses when to stop eating, leaving some in the bottle and then just burps and is done with it.  A whole lot less spitting up. Pretty sweet if you ask me and her daddy. Daddy especially, because somehow it always landed on his butt.  For me, I got a lot in my hair and inside my bra...

Are you holding up the bottle with your fists?

"Yes I am! Yes I am!

"I think I'm done"

"Oh yeah, that was the good stuff."

I've read that babies can start holding up their own bottle between 6-10 months.  Let's shoot for 6 months!

What, you don't want to hold your own bottle?!?  Well, O.K. I'll keep holding you

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