Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nice Day for a Photo Shoot

We headed back to Balboa Park today to have Arya's picture taken by one of our dear friends.  After rescheduling due to bad weather, we packed up our huge IKEA bag full of props and made our way down. We were on time!  Quite a feat if you ask me.  I needed to pump and pack a bottle, pack the props, get Arya in her outfit (which ended up being the wrong many yellow outfits with white daisies can she have?!?) and Daddy needed to trim his beard.

Arya was amazing! She cried on cue when it was time for her to eat, so we took a little break. Other than that, she was perfectly content outside.  In total she had 3 outfit changes. Not too shabby.  Daddy took a few photos of our friend in action.  We are excited to see the photos she took!

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