Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 To-Do List

  • Get some organization in Arya's Room, Master Bedroom, Kitchen and Living Room
  • automatically contribute to Arya's 529 Plan
  • save for future down payment
  • organize closet (sell/donate things we don't use)
  • take soothing baths
  • finish T25 with Neil
  • work out at gym at least once a week (free daycare!)
  • hang up art/photos
  • take more instagram photos outside
  • document 2014 in photos
  • do regular maintenance on our aging cars
  • abstain from clothes shopping until summer. You can do it!
  • bring back the cloth diapers
  • drink more water
  • do dishes every night
  • withdraw $60 a week to save for travel adds up quick!
  •  here's a big one…blog 3x a week…wishful thinking, maybe

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