Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spice Storage!

We had to do some rearranging in our kitchen cabinets to accommodate our new OXO brand airtight containers.  I was never really happy with our spice storage, which was in the upper cabinet on the lowest shelf next to the stove.  We couldn't see what was behind anything and we had several multiples because of that.  

I had read somewhere that keeping them in the freezer kept them longer. We don't put much in the door of the freezer, so we moved what little there was and moved all the spices over.  It freed up a bunch of space in prime real estate and made better use of the freezer door space.  It still is hard to see what's in there, but now it's only two deep and I just need to label them on the lids.  I was also thinking, I would just put them in order alphabetically, then I would be more apt to know where they would be.  

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