Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost There!

N and I are less than one month away from getting married! Then we are packing all we get into one car and driving 2,000 miles to southern California to start a new life with a new job and a new climate. We are both really excited for the change. We applied for our marriage license a few days ago and we also picked up our wedding rings. (N wore his for 2 days just to make sure it fit right ;) ) They are awesome!

N has a little diamond on the inside of his ring...kind of reminiscent of the Martha Stewart Wedding ring the groom got. The outside of his is sanded down, so it has a matted color. It's SO cool!

About this blog: We have been discussing a joint blog now for awhile. I enjoy "lurking" around and N enjoys hearing about all the cool things I discover and learn. We want to have a cottage industry and also self-sufficient, so it seems like the natural thing to do. There are so many of those kind of blogs out there! I really do get lost. We also want a blog because we are moving so far away from our families and friends. We hope that we can stay in contact though this!

Have a good night!

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