Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Married and making a nest in CA (Neil's choice of words!)

So, we made it to California. We left the Thursday after the wedding at 4:30 in the morning. We drove (Neil mostly...) and ended up a little past Denver around 9 pm. The next day we made it to the southern tip of Utah and called it an early night. The next morning we went to Zion National Park, which was pretty cool and then we drove to Las Vegas and checked into the Monte Carlo. It was a really nice room. We ventured out of the hotel only to feel like we were in a hair dryer. Neil's eyes were really dry and to me, it was just really hot. The car thermometer read 111 degrees!! We ate at the Paris buffet, which was a suggestion from a friend and saw a show. On the 4th day we sat in rush hour traffic in the middle of the desert as all the LA and San Deigo people came back to CA on the only interstate from Las Vegas to those destinations. It also didn't help it was the 4th of July weekend!!

Once in Oceanside, CA, we checked into a Best Western for 4 days. We racked up a nice hotel bill, but we also spent a lot of time looking at places to live. We looked at a lot of places in Oceanside. They were all really nice and the 1 bedrooms were going for around 1200 and the 2 bedrooms were going for over 1300. We then looked in Vista, which was south of Fallbrook and east of Oceanside. We found a really nice 2 bedroom for $1199. We were pretty set on that one. But we had one more to see. We drove to fallbrook, which took about 45 minutes from that place in Vista (that would have been a crappy commute everyday!!). We looked at a 2 bedroom for $1050. We chose that one :) It is competely remodeled and is very nice. We also have a private yard and patio! Our neighbors are really nice too. They all have little kids, which isn't helping my baby fever. I just need a cat or dog or something. So, now I can walk to work everyday, which by the way goes from Tuesday to Saturday and starts at 9:30 in the morning. Yes, the type of morning I've always wished I had!!

Anyways, now Neil is working on job applications and I am set to have a lunch date tomorrow with the assistant director, my supervisor and the head youth librarian!!! Scary!! I feel slightly unprepared!

So I think I got everyone up to speed with our move and such. Neil will probably add in some of our funnier stories since we have been here.

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Anonymous said...

hey, how did the lunch go with your supervisors? How has the new place worked out and the neighbors?
And Neil are you having any luck finding a job? Well hope so. Take care all of you and love to yu both. Love Mom