Friday, August 8, 2008

Amanda's new job

So, I kinda feel like I'm settling in to my new position. Secretly, I only know how to do about half of the stuff I'm doing, but I'm using this "fake it til you make it" attitude that is getting me through the stuff I don't know. I have my first storytime Aug 20th. It's a summer theme. I have to find books, music, games, etc. to keep little toddlers and preschoolers entertained. that should be an adventure...

Things I'm learning....I'm not as good at multitasking as I thought. There are a lot of things on my plate and so many things that should be on my plate, but that I just don't know I have to do. It's hard to get through everything I want to get through.

....I work better on the computer than with paper. I have yet to organize my desk so that when I leave there isn't a pile of papers there for me to have to go through the next day. The previous librarian kept so much stuff, it's hard to know if I should keep it or just toss it and start anew. Mostly, I'm tossing.

One good thing is happening today...I get PAID!! I have no idea what I will be getting, so I'm eager to get it. Neil won't start his job til the end of August or early September, so I'll have the only paycheck for awhile. Neil and I are also heading down to San Diego again, yes, again. I have to do a training session and then we both have to get our fingerprints done. It's pretty awesome that both of us will be working for the county.

Well have a good weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Well, it was nice to see a new entry. Every new job seems so "don teen" at first, but soon it will all be natural to you. Does it seem that you like the job?
I hope the driving goes better this time. Well Leta and I are off to Iowa City. She gets her wisdom teeth out today so bye for now. Love ya mom