Saturday, July 19, 2008

CA driving and brushes with death

Amandabear and I have been doing quite a bit of driving between Fallbrook and San Diego lately, and because of this we have seen some interesting, heart stopping, and hilarious things:

Hilarious thing #1:
Upon our first day in Fallbrook, we were witness to an accident between a motorcycle and a pickup. The pickup pulled in front of the cyclist, who then rammed full tilt into the side of the pickup. Thankfully, he was okay. He even got up and proceeded to tell the pickup driver where he could put his drivers license.

Hilarious thing #2:
It should be known that driving while talking on your cellphone is illegal in the state of California. Driving back from San Diego we saw a guy with his cellphone wrapped about his head with a rubber band. Resourceful, thrifty, and very fashionable.

Heart-stopping #1:
While going through a green light a RV flew into the intersection and almost t-boned us. I had to take about ten minutes to collect myself and change my shorts.

Heart-stopping #2:
Today, while driving to the grand opening of a library in La Mesa, a car two lanes to our right over blew their front drivers side tire causing it to swirve into a white car immediately next to us. With my cat like reflexes I swirved just in time into the next lane away from the chaos. We looked back in our mirrors to see the white car collide with an SUV, that in turn missed us by a few feet. Traffic stopped behind us and I had to change my pants again.

Observation #1:
Traffic is always busy and filled with cars. We've noticed that if there is a space in front of you, you better believe that it will get filled by a upcoming car. No matter if you don't think there is enough space there or not. You can't look away even for an instance, otherwise, when you look back on the road, there will be a car in front of you making you immediately stomp on your brakes.

It is definitely a different driving world here in CA. Interestingly enough, for how crazy everyone drives, there are hardly any accidents. Everyone is pretty defensive.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god for catlike reflexes but too bad for all the laundry you will have to do! Please do be careful--you are not making it easy not to worry about you two. Love Mom and Dad