Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Yesterday, Neil and I had a busy day. I went to Joann's Fabric and bought 6 yards of batting at 50% off. I also got a larger cutting board, curved safety pins, a bobbin holder, and a thread holder. We also got 4 kits, one for an Adirondack rocker, Adirondack chair, a matching table, and one ottoman.

Once we got home I went to work on my project, which was to pin together my quilt and Neil started working on the rocking chair. Let me just say that we started around 10am and didn't get both of our projects done until about 6pm. The directions for the chair were horrible and nothing really lined up right. There were also hardly any predrilled holes. My quilt just took a long time to do. I had to clean the kitchen floor, and then began safety pinning the layers. I had to take several breaks because my poor finger tips were hurting. Eventually, I just put masking tape all over my fingertips and then it didn't hurt as bad.

Neil had a hell of a time getting that chair together, but eventually he got it. Then he brought it outside and he grilled some beer brats. Ooh, they were yummy.. And yes, it is about 8pm when we were doing this. You also get a view of our outdoor space!!

Have a good day!

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