Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simon the Cat

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'll give you a little update. Neil and I were looking for something to keep us busy so we decided to start looking for a pet. We ended up getting a 7 week old gray-striped kitten from a coworker who found him outside of her apartment. We took it to the vet and he said he was in pretty good shape. He did get medication for fleas and worms. He's going back in tomorrow because he keeps shaking his head and scratching his ears.

Simon is very sweet when he's sleeping, but right now he's in a stage of biting when he's awake. I have scratches all over! We did manage to cut his nails while he was sleeping on my arms and he didn't flinch a bit. Now, he can't hook on to anything and I know that is really getting on his nerves! Oh well.. Here are some pictures.

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Vanessa said...

hard to believe this little nut turned into an elephant :)