Friday, February 25, 2011

My travels…

Last week was busy!  It’s so nice, though, to have a job where you get paid vacation every once in a while.  And, flying nonstop from San Diego to Minneapolis is also nice!  Few highlights:

Vanessa’s shower came together and it was beautiful.  It was kinda hard to finish all those details at the last moment seeing as sisters from El Paso, TX, and San Diego, CA, were planning for a shower in Decorah, IA, but no one could tell.

I got to see a little baby.  I was doing visual measurements to see how long my little yellow cardigan is going to last.  5 weeks and I still think it would fit.

Had the best night just talking with my sisters and my soon to be brother-in-law.  I like him!  It’s weird realizing that you’ve been with your sisters for so long, but then they marry people you barely know and they start their own lives so far away from us.  Same thing happened to me, I guess, I just never thought how it would affect my other sisters. I miss my sisters.  They are my true friends and we don’t talk nearly enough.  I’m going to fix that this year. I’m going to try and have my Skype on all the time.

Half-baked cookies were pretty good.  Neil has a thing for our cast iron skillet.  I see some mini cast iron skillets in our future…

I got to see Vanessa’s new apartment.  It’s about 4 blocks from S and K, our friends.  I hope Vanessa enjoys her new job.  She’s got no idea how jealous I am!  Well, maybe not jealous of the snow.  I haven’t told her yet about how the taxi man nearly fishtailed into every single car parked on those skinny roads! 

Lastly,  I got the airport at 8pm, flight was scheduled for 9:30pm.  Flights had been cancelled and postponed all day because of the snow storm (at least 12 inches in Minneapolis!), and we didn’t board til about 10pm, then we started moving, but had to deiced, so we took off around 11pm.  I slept the entire time…no moving…no distractions. When we landed in San Diego, the lady next to me said “You slept the entire time, see what you missed?”  and shook her peanuts at me.  It was kinda funny.  I’ve never slept the entire flight.  I was so tired from the weekend (I usually go to bed about 8:45), I just zonked out.  I was out when I got home too.

What was a little sad was how much Dad had to drive around in the snow to get the sisters everywhere.  We’re rented a car next time, so he doesn’t have to do that.  I just hope we have great weather in March!

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