Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grocery Budget: Week 1 Recap

Well, overall, I've been pretty pleased with this last week. Remember, we said we would spend $100 on groceries for the month and $100 on eating out. One thing I didn't expect was going on so many dates. Neil and I hardly go out to eat together, as I said before, it's usually for lunches when we are both at work. But this last week was pretty stressful for me and without wine, I just had to get out of the condo and eat some good food. So with that, here is how we came out for the first week.

Groceries: $100
Week 1: $11.75+6.24+11.00+9.77= $38.76
Left Over: 61.24
Explanation: the first 2 charges were for the weeks food. The second 2 charges are for Week 2's food.

Eating Out: $100
Week 1: $19+$13+43.36+12.89= 88.25
Left Over: $11.75
Explanation: 2 of these outings were at night due to a stressful day. The other two were because we were away from the condo and not at work. Normally, these don't happened. Realistically, I doubt we will stay within budget, but we'll see.

So, I don't foresee eating out this next week while Neil is at his training, but I do think I may have an issue not going to the grocery store too much. I need to remember I have lots of food in the kitchen and to eat through that first.

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v.wiest said...

Wow! I'm very proud of you for having set a pretty solid goal and sticking with it. I'm curious to see how it all ends up.