Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dresses for Miss Milly (I mean, Miss Arya!)

Milly Arya has 4 dresses. Most of them, I think look pretty old fashioned, but I just think they are the cutest things! I got the first one at Ross ($8) and the other 3 at either a consignment sale or consignment store ($3-$4 each). The last one is the smallest, so she'll get to wear that one first. It's fun to think I'll be able to dress her in dresses and cute frilly things!

As for her other clothing I'm really confused about what to dress her in. I immediately think of onesies and cotton sleepers, but then I think she's going to be so cold, so I've started getting a few fleece sleepers and long sleeve onesies. I did some shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx and found things for half off. And with clothing diapering, her bottom may be extra fluffy, so I don't know what size she'll fit into at the beginning or what brands of clothing will be best. From what I've read, Baby GAP has a bigger bum allowance than other brands (I've been able to get a couple pairs of jeans or khakis at a consignment sale that were Baby Gap for pretty cheap ($2-$3 each). Next weekend, I'm going to a baby consignment sale where moms sell their things all together in one place. As a pregnant lady, I get special treatment and get to go in before the general public to scope out good deals. I also got a deal from a site like Groupon where I prepaid $10 for $20 worth of baby clothes at the sale. So, I at least will save $10.

Tomorrow, I'll experiment with my camcorder on my phone and see if I can show you what clothes I do have for Newborn to 3 Months.


Empty Nester said...

The dresses are adorable!!! Good job on finding good values on all the purchases.

Bridget said...

So cute! I love them all:)