Tuesday, November 29, 2011

:: right now ::

Right now, I am....

:: giddy that I still have 2.5 hours before I have to go into work!

:: loving Pandora's Christmas channels: Swingin' Christmas, Aimee Mann Christmas, Folk Holidays

:: wishing I didn't have to poke my finger with my glucometer 4 times a day on setting 3

:: grateful that my blood sugar levels have all been within the normal range, since changing my diet, walking more and testing

:: super grateful that I still don't have any stretch marks on my stomach!!  (I've got one on the side of my leg and 2 on each love handle just behind my underwear seam-practically on my back, as well as ALL over my top part-they grew way too fast)

:: envisioning Milly's wall since I bought paint and supplies last weekend (green apple color)

:: planning a weekend getaway with Neil to Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park (Dec. 10-11)

:: looking at Milly's 3-6 month clothes and feel pretty confident that I have enough clothes already, just a few things missing from 6-9 months, but I'll wait to see what kind of girl she before I make any more purchases.

:: thinking very seriously that we will sell our toaster oven, IKEA kitchen cabinet (craft table), and 2 bikes, so Neil can get a Surly Long Haul Trucker bike.

:: preparing for another minimalist declutter project- go paperless and get rid of file cabinet (we could sell that too!)

Inspired by Soulemama


v.wiest said...

I'd take your file cabinet :) I'm not quite ready to go paperless...

Linda Oelrich said...

I'd love your craft table!!!!

Linda Oelrich said...

don't sell your craft table I want it please!!!