Sunday, November 27, 2011

0-3 Month Clothes for Milly (I mean, Arya!)

So, I can't figure out how to get my Flickr photos to upload to Blogger, so you are getting a link instead.  Maybe someday I'll figure it out.  Go and check out the pictures and then come back to see how much I paid!

Clothes for Milly Arya

So, I'm proud to say that nothing in Milly's Arya's 0-3 month clothing stash was full price!  There are a few things, 2 fleece sleepers, 3 zippered sleepers, and a 4 pairs of pants that are new, but I paid about 1/3 of the original cost at Ross or TJMaxx.  Those two stores are awesome for baby clothes and baby accessories.  I would highly recommend them if you have to get something for a baby shower but don't have a lot of extra cash. Everything else, I got at thrift stores, resale stores or the semi-annual consignment sale, ranging from .50 cents to $3.00 a piece.  I believe the dress and the pram were $4.50 $3.00 a piece!

I had to put all the clothes in perspective when I kept coming home to Neil with more baby clothes.  First off, babies grow fast and not all the clothes I brought home were for one size.  I looked up the cost of a pram and a similar one was $33 new, so I saved about $28.50!  I got most (5 of out 7) of the short sleeve onesies at a recent thrift store purchase after going to the chiropractor for .59 cents a piece!!  The other two were .99 cents.

I'm kicking myself now for throwing away all my tags from the consignment sale, because it gave a description of what the item was as well as the cost.  I do remember I got 4 of the long sleeve onesies at the consignment sale wrapped in a ziploc bag and they went for $2.00 (.50 cents a piece!).

The pants were between .99 cents and $2.50 a piece.  The new ones came in sets of two and they were $4.99.  The tags from Carters, said they were originally between $17 and $20 for each set.  So I saved a bunch there too. I did got out the day after Thanksgiving to get me some more yoga pants, which I forgot, but I stopped by JCPenney to see if they were having any deals on baby things.  I found the exact sets of pants that I got at Ross and TJMaxx and to their credit, they were half off, but they were still $10.99 for the set. So, even on the biggest sale day of the year, it was still cheaper at Ross and TJMaxx.

I was pretty hung up about getting some zippered sleepers to make it easier to change her diaper in the middle of the night.  I've heard that the snaps are a nightmare in low light.  About half are new and half are thrifted.  The new ones ranged from $2.50-$6.99 a piece.  That pink fleece sleeper was a splurge at $6.99, but originally it was $20.00.  The others were originally $17 full price. 

The last really big find were 2 pairs of patterned pants from Gymboree.  I got 2 pairs for $4 at a consignment sale.  I had Neil look up how much those kind of pants were originally and they were $32.95 a piece!!  I paid $4 for something that cost almost $66 new!!  Babies aren't in 3 month sizes for two long, nor are they moving around or wearing down the fabric at the knees.  Practically brand new pants!


Linda Oelrich said...

Nice clothes for baby Milly. Good bargain shopper you are! There won't be anything left for others to buy!

Bridget said...

These clothes are even cuter now that your baby girl is HERE!!! Can't wait to see her in them:)