Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time to fess up

So, you've noticed I haven't blogged in a bit. This whole grocery and eating out thing has kept me out of it.

We failed miserably. There, I said it.

I wanted to post celebrating our great achievement, not about sinking in to our (my) old habits! But, I was reading some minimalist blogs and one statement jumped out at me "accountability is a big part of goal setting." She failed too, so I wasn't the only one and it gave me courage to come on here and come clean. So, here we go.

Week 2

Groceries: $61.24 left
3 trips = $52.55
Left Over: $8.69

Eating out: $11.75 left
5 trips = $27.49
Left Over: $-15.74

Week 3

Groceries: $8.69 left
4 trips= $80.45
Left Over: $-71.76
Explanation: We had a grand re-opening of the Ralph's grocery store that is really close and they were having great deals. We got 3 packages of 6 sirloin steaks for $8! We knew we would go over budget, but we couldn't pass up the great deals for the week.

Eating out: $-15.74 left
4 trips = $51.08
Left Over = $-66.82

Week 4 (shortened to 4 days due to Thanksgiving)

Groceries: -71.76
5 trips = $59.74
Left Over = -131.50
Seriously, 5 trips in 4 days! Come on, Amanda.

Eating Out: -66.82
7 trips = 64.89
Left Over = -131.71
Seriously, a bad week for us. 7 trips in 4 days.....

So there it is. Nothing to be proud of, especially that last week. And to show for it, we have an overflowing fridge and freezer, not exactly what I call minimalist. Now, to throw a monkey wrench into it, I can't really eat anything that is in my freezer other than the meat and frozen veggies. However, I could make them for Neil and he could have leftovers for days. Hmm, that would probably work just fine.

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Bridget said...

Yeah...we're always over on our food budget (and other budgets too). We're not getting too stressed out about it though because we're still spending way less than we used to.