Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early Morning

Looks like Arya is back to her normal sleeping schedule.  She ate around 6pm and went to bed until around 11pm when Papa got up to feed and change her.  I remember looking at the clock around 1:30am and he was still out, but I heard Arya sleeping nearby.  Then around 5am she started stirring again and I got up, grabbed some diapers and her and went out to the living room before she started crying.  She got fed, spit up really bad(!), change 2 dirty diapers, and as soon as I saw a yawn, I took her to the guest room to rock her and then swaddled her up and she's been out since.  5am is a good time for Mama, keep it up!!

I'd take a picture of her sleeping, but I'm afraid she'll wake up!!

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