Monday, March 19, 2012

Arya's Sleeping Situation

When we announced we were pregnant, we needed a crib as part of the surprise.  We got it and decided to set it up in our room for the video, since it would be the last room we visited in the condo tour.  Once the video was done, however, we planned to give Arya her own room next door.  After the video was shot, we attempted to move the crib, only to find out it didn't fit through the door!  So, instead of taking it apart again, we decided quickly she'll just share the room with us and we'll use the second bedroom for guests. She didn't get her own room, but she does have her own wall! Albeit, it isn't decorated yet...

For about the first 6 weeks, she slept in our bed.  I enjoyed it mostly, but Papa didn't like sharing his half of the bed. Toward the end, Arya started waking up about an hour or so before she really needed to, so I was always waking up and making sure she was O.K. or if she needed her binky.  Little did I know, if I just left her alone, she would fall back asleep on her own. Now, she sleeps in her crib.  We all love the arrangement. She still needs to be swaddled to sleep long periods of time, but we have been getting away with not swaddling her at every nap.  At almost 10 weeks we are contemplating moving her into her own room after all.  She's a light sleeper and stirs when we walk into the room to go to bed.

In case you missed the pregnancy announcement, here's a trip down memory lane!

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