Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good day

Neil and I finally found a good rhythm today.  Both of us have been haunted by events happening at our jobs and unfortunately, the nagging feeling doesn't stop when we enter our home or try to go to sleep.  Today, though, is a different story.  We have a calm spirit, a smile on our face and a smile for each other.  And who can forget our beautiful, babbling, crawling, standing, laughing baby girl, whose eyes light up when she sees us after a long day at work.  She's definitely the apple of our eyes.  We love her!

Sept. 30, 2012, retouched by Vanessa Wiest

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v.wiest said...

I really love this picture. I'm thinking of printing it out for myself too! Perhaps we'll have a wall dedicated to all the nieces and nephews we'll have :)