Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekends 2/52

::weekends is a new series where I'll be documenting some of what we do on our weekends.  For us, that's Thursdays and Fridays::

Arya became the newest member of the New Children's Art Museum!  We had a free pass from the library that we checked out and it also allowed us to get 25% off an annual membership.  We decided to go and see how much she liked it before we shelled out the money, but she ended up having a good time and I really liked it. I see many more days at the museum with her!


SaraBeth said...

Looks like fun! Is the pass available for anyone to check out? My friends host had a baby in SD, and I bet they would be interested in this.

Amanda said...

They can request or pick one up at any San Diego County Library! They just need a library card (a CA id will get them one)