Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No excuses

So, I have no excuses why this blog hasn't been written in for a while. Well, I do, but I don't think they are worthy! 1. My camera was filled with pictures and my computer runs so slow that we didn't want to spend the time to get them off the camera. 2. I've been spending all the time I could be writing in this blog reading other people's blogs. Ok, so there are my reasons.

What's been going on?? We had Neil's parents visit in January, which was so awesome. The weather was much better than it had been and both Neil and I had the week off to enjoy it. We got to see some cool sites, including Cabrillo National Monument where I sat on a cliff for about an hour just watching the surfers down below and seeing whales traveling south! (I know, how cool is that!!) I also saw dolphins in Carlsbad and picked up a sand dollar, which sadly was found broken in the car. We also found this little joint near the beach called Buccaneer Galley where we had a BuccMuff for breakfast and really good cheeseburgers for lunch. They were so good that Neil and I went back there last week, only to find out they were closed :( We think they cater to the tourists on the weekend only.

Other things...Oh, it was my 25th birthday yesterday!! We got dressed up and went out to eat and spent way too much for a meal, but a great meal at that. I love going to nice restaurants that have candles at the table and the lighting is low. Its the way dining should be. Neil also got me (us) Scrabble and The Complete Book of Home Preserving. I got many birthday messages on Facebook and phone calls from family, so that was nice.

Another big thing is that I learned how to knit!! I'm left handed, so I've always tried to learn backwards. This time, I checked a DVD out from the library and just bit the bullet and did it right handed. It seemed to make all the difference! I finished a yellow dishcloth and am almost done with a maroon one. I'm becoming a yarn snob though. I got the type of yarn that isn't soft and somewhat scratchy. Neil took me to Tbe Black Sheep in Encinitas and the yarn was SO soft. I have to save my pennies for some nicer yarn. First on my list is organic 100% cotton.

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